Micro Invest

Micro Invest

The main purpose of the Malta Enterprise Micro Invest scheme is to encourage businesses to grow through investment. This support measure, which takes the form of a tax credit, applies to both self-employed persons and companies. It covers part of any eligible expenditure, which includes the purchase of equipment and new employment, up to 65%. The total amount that can be rewarded is €70,000.

The amount which you can ultimately receive will depend on several criteria. These include the structure of your business, the gender of the owners and whether the business is located in Malta or Gozo. The Micro Invest measure also includes other conditions which we will refer to if relevant for your organisation.

Is Micro Invest right for you?

Scenario 1

An owner of a boutique hotel in Valletta has recently invested in renovating the property. Furniture, HVAC equipment, boilers, and other equipment was purchased in order to breathe new life into a successful business. This investment cost a total of €350,000.

By applying for the Micro Invest, the business owner, who is a woman, can claim a percentage of the costs. In this example, she will be able to apply for 45% of the total investment, which is equal to €157,500. However, the capping for this business is €70,000, so this is the maximum amount that can be requested.

In this example, the overall investment is reduced to €280,000, through a tax credit offered under the Micro Invest Scheme.

Scenario 2

A self-employed freelancer based in Gozo is setting up his business and purchasing digital equipment worth €15,000. He is buying most of the equipment locally, but a particular content creating device is only available abroad.

The Micro Invest scheme could provide this business owner with up to 65% of the total investment. In this example, this amounts to €9,750. Since this is below the maximum cap of €70,000 he should be able to request the full amount.

As a result, the scheme operated by Malta Enterprise will reduce the overall investment down to just €5,250.

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