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New Business

This section would interest you if you are the owner or part of a start up in Malta. If you don’t yet have a registered business, but have an idea for now, this section also applies to you.

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Growing Business

When does a business go from the start up stage to growth stage? It depends, but the owner normally knows. For most funding support, however, the distinction lies in the 3-year mark.

Why join the Navy if you can be a pirate?

Steve Jobs

How can your new business get help?

Setting Off

From seed funds to Proof of Concept support, there are several grants that can give you that important first push.

Advisory Services

No entrepreneur can succeed alone. There are several measures in place to subsidise the cost of professional guidance.

Research & Innovation

Truly successful businesses are innovative, but innovation is risky. These grants reduce your risk and provide opportunity.

Employment Support

The right team can overcome any challenge, but can you afford it? These grants help you onboard the right people.

Funding Authorities Malta

Discover new opportunities.

So many entities offer grants and support measures it can be difficult to keep track. We are continually checking new opportunities and match them with our clients.

Ready to grow or scale your business?

Investment Aid

Bootstrapping is no longer an option and you need to purchase vital equipment. These grants and measures can help you.

Going Global

Malta is a great place to start, but what about world domination? Grants, knowledge, guidance are all at your disposal.

Cash Flow

Support your inflows and remain in the black with these measures designed to help businesses as they scale and invest in stock.

Growth Planning

Planning for succession, continuity, environmental sustainability or certification, there’s something for you.

The opportunities go on and on…

We can help you get access to grants, tax credits, and other support measures from these and other providers. Instead of listing all available grants and keep you reading for hours we think it’s a better idea to hold a short meeting. You can explain your business and future plans and we can identify possible support options for you.

This is how we’re different from most service providers in Malta; our goal is to help get the job done and move on to the next project. We have no interest to take our time and milk your business dry.