Funding Support

Starting or growing a business with little or no money is not easy. However, if your business qualifies, we can help you tap into national and EU grants, as well as pitch in front of angel investors and venture firms. We’ve helped numerous businesses get over €5,000,000 in support, now it’s your turn.

Business Plans Malta

Business Plans

You’ve got a business idea and you’re ready to jump right in, but wait, what about a plan? Too many businesses fail because they lack a winning strategy. Our clients choose us because we don’t only research business, we get down and do it ourselves. Let’s develop a successful plan together.

Company Valuations Malta


Need a proper valuation for your business or startup? Even companies with no assets and sales can have value, so ignore your accountant and let’s talk.

Pitch to Investors Malta


Banks and grants are no longer your only options to get funding to start or grow your business in Malta. We can help you pitch in front of local and foreign investors.

Business Advisors Malta


You might need a full-blown business and marketing plan or you just might need someone to bounce ideas off. We can help get you where you wish to be, faster and with fewer errors.

We want to support the Maltese entrepreneurial spirit, so we also provide knowledge-based assistance which is not followed by an invoice.

The Fun Entrepreneur

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